Sunday, January 10, 2010

A new decade and lots of hope

Hey all, it has been awhile since I have posted to the blog. Big plans for this year though. We are getting ready and planning the garden for this year. Last year was the biggest ever with 65 tomato plants--mostly paste tomatoes--40 pepper plants, artichokes, asparagus, eggplant, edamame, black beans, sweet peas, a variety of oriental greens and lettuces, squashes, melons, etc. We had a ball. This year we are specializing even more. I decided that we cannot effectively manage more than 40 tomato plants and our times of planting are getting more precise. I read the Barbara Kingsolver book "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral" which I highly recommend to everyone with an interest in food. It was lifechanging. Since then, we have been getting more into the locavore movement--bought 1/2 a cow from a farmer near us who has amazing meat for a very inexpensive price. Our neighbor is starting to raise meat chickens and we are getting those from him. It is a fascinating transition and one we are having to learn alot about. I will write more later on all of this. Getting ready to order seeds this year, saved several from last year and I am very excited.