Thursday, May 15, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hail Hail, the Gangs All Here!

The HAIL finally came! Friday night, around 10:00 PM we finally got the Mother's Day Weekend Hail storm I had been waiting for. . .the destroyer of gardens. . .the golf ball event. . .it always happens. I was beginning to think the forecasting and my lopsided belief in it had been wrong. But then we cruised in to the weekend. Everything was looking good and splat! We got word on the evening news that a major storm was headed towards Transylvania County. It started to become more ominous outside around 9:45. MK headed outside to move the horses from the upper pasture to the barn just in case. She asked for help moving them. I finally consented to move my rump off the couch and help. We got outside and bam! The lightning and thunder and rain came. Denver and Tina, in the upper pasture, got scared and ran away from us--knowing for sure that we were going to stick them in the barn.

MK was persistent and insisted on chasing them around the pasture. I said "let em take their chances with the lightnin. . .I ain't gettin hit for no stubbern horses". MK caught Tina and Denver followed in her wake. We were leading them to the barn and in to their stalls, just locking their stall gates when it started. Hail, quarter size hail this time--not golf ball--thank our lucky stars. . .I'm thinkin. . ."Cliff was right, there goes the garden".

Within seconds the noise became deafening in side the barn. Tina and Denver went crazy--moving around in circles trying to find a way out of their stalls. MK and I were certain they were going to kick their way out. In the meantime, Troubie and Sunday, who we had been trying to coax in had heard the ungodly noise from the barn roof and had run far far away to take their chances being pelted by hail and lit up with lightening strikes.

MK and I got more and more nervous--the horses were going insane and we couldn't keep them settled. We began to say "whoa whoa" at the top of our lungs. Then suddenly a microburst of wind came through the windows of the barn and it felt like everything was going to blow apart. Our adrenalin shot through the roof--we looked for places to hide feeling certain that #1 a tornado was coming and #2 the barn was about to blow in a thousand pieces.

After a couple of minutes things started to subside. We sang "Farmer in the Dell" to Denver and Tina thinking they might like that little diddy. They didn't seem to like it much. Then after a while the hail stopped and the rains calmed to a slow steady rain from the downpour it had been. We started to call, whistle and shout for Troubie and Sunday. . .all the more hopeful that they hadn't broken down the fences and run off in the storm. A caring neighbor, hearing our plight started to shine a spotlight over the pasture. No Sunday and no Troubie in sight. Finally after about 5 more minutes of this, I loaded into my car, turned on the high beams and drove slowly down the driveway. I caught sight of them near the end and they were heading for the barn.

They got to the barn when I did and we decided to give everyone a night time portion of hay. After all, they earned it. We were all terrified but lived to tell the tale. I looked to the porch of the farmhouse thinking that surely our loved ones, safely ensconced inside would wonder where we had been for 45 minutes and want to see if we had made it through alive and "how could I help/anything you all need?". Boy was I mistaken. NO one was on the porch greeting us. Hardly anyone looked up from their magazines when we walked in the house. They all carried on as if nothing had happened. We tried to tell the import of our tale. . .no one seemed to understand. . .'oh well--we made it, the horses made it and oh. . .the GARDEN made it!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Horse Show Today

Sadie. Julia and Mary Kay all competed in the horse show at Keystone camp and represented Hidden Springs proudly! I look forward to seeing pictures/more video posted soon, but think that everyone should be proud. Sadie rode Denver in several English events and MK rode him in a Western one. I have to admit Sadie had him under better control than I did and they looked great! Julia entered Troubie in quite a few events, including several jumping ones. He's just learning, but it went well. It was quite a big day and it got started off with a big scare. Troubie loaded in the new horse trailer right away and we thought things were off to a smooth start, but he rose up on his rear feet and put his front feet waaaay up in the hay bin and got his hoofs stuck and freaked out. It was traumatic, but Amy and LD eventually got them unstuck and got him backed out safely with no major injuries. Then he and Denver both didn't want to load, so it took awhile, but we finally had success. Anyway, post pics and reports from the show!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Julia in a horse show

We are so proud of Julia! She was in a horse show at the ag center Saturday. We all went to see her and she did so great job in her first show! It was Trouby's first show, as well. We hope Amy/Jason will post pictures soon. There is another show coming up at Keystone this Saturday and we are hoping she is able to ride Trouby and Denver.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

BBQ Dry Rub Recipe

LaDonna's Dry Rub Mmmmm Mmmmmm Good

Boy, after search and searching for the perfect dry rub, LD outdid herself this evening. We ate a feast like Queens. I purchased some incredible country cut ribs at SavMore.

LD's Dry Rub
1 cup of dark brown sugar
1/2 cup of paprika
1/3 cup garlic salt
2 T garlic powder
1 t HOT mexican chile powder--like habenero
1 T cayenne pepper
2 T black pepper
2 t oregano
1 T cumin
1 T salt

Once the dry rub has slathered for two hours on the meat, add honey to suit.

Friday, May 2, 2008

May Garden Log--Countdown to "Night of the Locusts"

May 2, 2008

I haven't been able to write for a couple of days and it has been non-eventful in our garden thus far. Things continue to grow. I believe we are behind the frost scares. No hard frost last week. We are getting very good growth on most new plants and Kate has been weeding, MK watering. What have I been doing? Working. What else is new?

I started weeding the berry patch today which is in need of serious attention. I plan to post some great pictures of this area and the bushes are loaded with blossoms so far. I will have to spend some very good time there this weekend to get it up to speed.

We want to finish grouting the garden tiles for planting this next week also and that area will finish taking shape. I will post pics when all is completed and to that point.

On another note, Julia is riding Trouby in a show tomorrow at the AG Center and he looks absolutely stunning. Amy washed him today and shined him all up. His coat is magnificent and gleaming in the sunlight and his tail is beautifully braided although she assures me that this is just to be able to more easily comb it out in the morning. He looks so beautiful and I hope to get some very good pictures of him in the morning. Julia rides about 10 AM and it promises to be a memorable event.

The Asheville Citizen Times today had a scarey headline story. One more month to the 17 year locusts returning. 21 years ago I was working at Fox Ridge State Park in Illinois when the locusts came out. Ugh. It was awful. They covered every square inch and when you got out of your car they flew at you and hit you in the face. It gives me nightmares.