Friday, May 2, 2008

May Garden Log--Countdown to "Night of the Locusts"

May 2, 2008

I haven't been able to write for a couple of days and it has been non-eventful in our garden thus far. Things continue to grow. I believe we are behind the frost scares. No hard frost last week. We are getting very good growth on most new plants and Kate has been weeding, MK watering. What have I been doing? Working. What else is new?

I started weeding the berry patch today which is in need of serious attention. I plan to post some great pictures of this area and the bushes are loaded with blossoms so far. I will have to spend some very good time there this weekend to get it up to speed.

We want to finish grouting the garden tiles for planting this next week also and that area will finish taking shape. I will post pics when all is completed and to that point.

On another note, Julia is riding Trouby in a show tomorrow at the AG Center and he looks absolutely stunning. Amy washed him today and shined him all up. His coat is magnificent and gleaming in the sunlight and his tail is beautifully braided although she assures me that this is just to be able to more easily comb it out in the morning. He looks so beautiful and I hope to get some very good pictures of him in the morning. Julia rides about 10 AM and it promises to be a memorable event.

The Asheville Citizen Times today had a scarey headline story. One more month to the 17 year locusts returning. 21 years ago I was working at Fox Ridge State Park in Illinois when the locusts came out. Ugh. It was awful. They covered every square inch and when you got out of your car they flew at you and hit you in the face. It gives me nightmares.

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