Saturday, May 10, 2008

Horse Show Today

Sadie. Julia and Mary Kay all competed in the horse show at Keystone camp and represented Hidden Springs proudly! I look forward to seeing pictures/more video posted soon, but think that everyone should be proud. Sadie rode Denver in several English events and MK rode him in a Western one. I have to admit Sadie had him under better control than I did and they looked great! Julia entered Troubie in quite a few events, including several jumping ones. He's just learning, but it went well. It was quite a big day and it got started off with a big scare. Troubie loaded in the new horse trailer right away and we thought things were off to a smooth start, but he rose up on his rear feet and put his front feet waaaay up in the hay bin and got his hoofs stuck and freaked out. It was traumatic, but Amy and LD eventually got them unstuck and got him backed out safely with no major injuries. Then he and Denver both didn't want to load, so it took awhile, but we finally had success. Anyway, post pics and reports from the show!

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